Group Profile

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC is a global investment management group, managing assets for both institutional and retail clients from offices around the world.

Our mission is to deliver strong fund performance across diverse asset classes in which we believe we have a sustainable competitive edge.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange, we manage currency, fixed income and equities in segregated, closed and open-ended pooled structures. We also run a sizeable European property business.

Over two decades we have expanded through a combination of organic growth and acquisition, first in the UK, then by seeking selectively to manage and/or market funds in countries in which we already invest.

We operate flat management structures to facilitate local decision-making, underpinned by clear lines of control and central reporting. A central executive committee consisting of the heads of all the main business lines reports to the board of directors.

Our house style is fundamental and process-driven. Active management is the bedrock of our equity process; a similar approach characterizes currency and fixed income management, with alpha generated by identifying market inefficiencies. In property, the focus is on high risk-adjusted returns through advanced portfolio modelling and, again, active management.

We offer both segregated and pooled structures.

Segregated: Our stance is to be flexible toward client mandate requirements while being true to our distinct investment style and process. As such, we work closely with intermediaries such as consultants and plan sponsors, for example on the currency and fixed income side to establish a client’s asset-liability profile, providing customized benchmarks and reporting as necessary.

Pooled: We run pooled investment vehicles on the same basis as our segregated structures, hence many institutions use them particularly for small investment mandates in more esoteric areas. The range includes:

  • UK domiciled unit trusts & OEICs*
  • SICAVs, OEICs & FCPs in Luxembourg & Dublin*
  • Singapore, Australia & Thailand domiciled unit trusts*

* Certain vehicles not available to Canadian investors.