Aberdeen’s approach to property investments is to attempt to generate strong returns to our investors through better understanding of the dynamics of property markets and realize the potential of individual property assets. Active management, local presence and a structured investment management process, underpinned by top-class research of the European property markets, are the means by which we add value to property investment.

Main strengths:

Active management: For property, we believe the role of active management is essential in generating excess returns. We focus on hands-on active management in portfolio modelling, asset and property management to increase potential risk-adjusted returns.

Local presence: We have an International Research and Investment Strategy team spread out across 5 countries with a wide range of experience, covering many different sectors and technical specialties.

Structured investment process: The principle is to combine an advanced top down approach with a pragmatic but structured bottom up approach. The former focuses on active management, the latter on managing portfolio risk (beta).

Risk adjusted returns: This concept is central in assisting institutional investors to gain well diversified property exposure. With advanced portfolio modelling, we provide an understanding of the risk of different property investments and their place in multi-asset structures.

Please Note: Property Funds are only available to investors who meet certain Canadian regulatory requirements. Funds are not available for sale to the general public. Property Funds may trigger certain tax consequences for Canadian investors. You should consult with your tax professional prior to making any investment decision regarding these funds.