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Alternatives offer a vast array of different strategies and styles to fit a wide range of investor risk, return and income objectives. Each alternative investment strategy has unique characteristics that make it well-suited for its specific purpose. Our global reach and the use of proprietary research generated by our locally based teams of investment professionals help us identify compelling opportunities within alternative assets.


Infrastructure assets can provide long-term yields and capital growth, which could be meaningful given today’s uncertain markets. These investments are a viable potential income source for institutional investors with longer investment horizons. Aberdeen’s direct infrastructure team has an established track record in this hard-to-access category and uses its industry reputation and breadth of relationships to find compelling opportunities in this asset class.


Global Property

Aberdeen's global property capability



Alternative investments involve specific risks that may be greater than those associated with traditional investments; are not suitable for all clients; and intended for experienced and sophisticated investors who meet specific suitability requirements and are willing to bear the high economic risks of the investment. Investments of this type may engage in speculative investment practices; carry additional risk of loss, including possibility of partial or total loss of invested capital, due to the nature and volatility of the underlying investments; and are generally considered to be illiquid due to restrictive repurchase procedures. These investments may also involve different regulatory and reporting requirements, complex tax structures, and delays in distributing important tax information.